Sea floor dating

Possibly the DNA came from recent sources, like burrowing bacteria.

The Expedition 323 scientists of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program who originally extracted the cores back in 2009 published a series of reports describing their drill cores.

Date specialists apply the printed ages to rock or mud layers that contain corresponding fossils. This dating procedure assumes the very age that it attempts to prove!

The poor, circular logic of biostratigraphy opens the door to the possibility that these marine sediments are much younger than secularists will admit.

When scientists probed the rock with echo-sounders, they found that the ocean crust was much thinner than the continental crust and practically the same thickness across the globe.

There was also a lot less sediment on top than predicted. Early work on the ocean floor had been done by the Challenger expedition in the 1870s, using sounding techniques that involved seeing how far a rope with lead at the end would drop.

And the discovery of fossil DNA hundreds of meters down confirms the younger age.

The ocean crust has a roughly constant thickness, around 7 kilometres thick. On top there is on average around half a kilometre of sediment (figures from Wikipedia: Ocean Crust).That again dredges up the problem of finding DNA right where it shouldn't be, unless the secular scientists gave wrong ages to deep mud layers. How did these scientists determine the age of this deeply-buried mud in the first place? Several experts have exposed serious flaws in biostratigraphy, which begins with textbook descriptions of when a particular organism flourished during its supposed evolutionary past.The age assignment process begins with age ranges from printed pages. Biostratigraphy rests on assuming an evolutionary past—the main flaw with biostratigraphy.Author: Tom Brown Copyright: public domain Date last modified: 7th Oct 2011 Peer-review status: Not yet peer-reviewed mid_atlantic_rift.jpg: source: google search for "atlantic sea floor"; The North American and Eurasian Plates are moving away from each other along the line of the Mid Atlantic Ridge.

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