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Others came to the settlement voluntarily, seeing opportunities in Creole culture in the society.The first settlers to found a colony in Sierra Leone were the so-called "Black Poor": African Americans and West Indians. Some were Black Loyalists who were either evacuated or travelled to England to petition for a land of their own; Black Loyalists had joined British colonial forces during the American Revolutionary War, many on promises of freedom from enslavement.The Crown had offered slaves freedom who left rebel masters, and thousands joined the British lines.The British resettled 3,000 of the African Americans in Nova Scotia, where many found the climate and racial discrimination harsh.

However, before the ships sailed away from Sierra Leone, 50 white women had died, and about 250 remained of the original 440 who left Plymouth. Although initially there was no hostility between the two groups, after King Tom's death the next Temne chief retaliated for a slave trader's burning of his village. The Temne ransacked Granville Town and took some Black Poor into slavery, while others became slave traders.The Sierra Leone Creole people (or Krio people) is an ethnic group in Sierra Leone.The Creole people are descendants of freed African American, West Indian, and Liberated African slaves who settled in the Western Area of Sierra Leone between 1787 and about 1885.Due to this history, the vast majority of Sierra Leone Creoles have European first names and/or surnames. The vast majority of Creoles reside in Freetown and its surrounding Western Area region of Sierra Leone.From their mix of peoples, the Creoles developed what is now the native Krio language (a mixture of English, indigenous West African languages, and other European languages).

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