Silk da shocker and mya dating

As many people know, Monica and I have been friends for over 13 yrs and I was caught off guard when I read some of the comments after you posted the C Murder video.

This is a hard time for us we love Corey and he is a VERY good person who made a bad decission that 2001 nite at the club in Baton Rouge, but some of your readers were saying that Mo was dating C during his marriage. When Monica dated Corey neither he nor she had ever married to anyone.

Some of you are too young to remember Mia X who was the First Lady of No Limit Records.

Anyway, the lovely Mia X reached out to to set the record straight regarding convicted rapper C Murder's relationship with a young Monica at the peak of her career back in the day. view=m Mnyio LJVa B2vzz Rn5I can't wait to see this scene. We've been hanging out on set a lot lately and she totally gives me a chick boner (as she says! Or are you one of the "A cock is a cock no matter what the color" type girls?? So, I've been having issues with a psycho/stalker/hacker on myspace, so I've had to just start a new page! I worked behind the scene for a good 7 or 8 months. I'm appearing on Playboy Radio's Friday Night Three-Way tonight at PST on Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 198. Derrick Pierce invited me to join him and Kylie Ireland in their topic on bondage tonight, so we'll be talking about our crazy scene for Fucking Dungeon. Respectfully Jason I don't have any info for any upcoming IR scenes. Hopefully I can start shooting stuff for my site and some features that will include some black men! I said this back when I started dating my ex, maybe around January or February of 2007. Also gooing back when you said you wernt doing anymore IR anymore..I hear your planing to do more.that true? Any potential canidates for potential scene costars? Yes, that's still in the making, but it will happen!

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