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His learning terrified me, but he was an agreeable man. Walk a short distance along Mansfield Road and then turn right into Jowett Walk.

(Benjamin Jowett was a famous 19th Century Oxford figure and Master of Balliol College).

Here and in other venues, Lewis, Tolkien and Williams presented their lectures to Oxford students. Simply as criticism it was superb-because here was a man who really cared with every fibre of his being about “The sage and the serious doctrine of virginity” which it would never occur to the ordinary modern reader to take seriously.” 18. Lewis arrived on April 26, 1917 to begin his academic studies as an undergraduate. Carry on up the High Street until you reach a cross-roads. In front of you is Carfax Tower, so-called from the French “carrefour,” meaning crossroads. “[Ransom, after arriving back on earth,] contrived to get into a lane, then a road, then into a village street. There were voices from within and they were speaking English. He pushed his way in, regardless of the surprise he was creating in the bar. This seems like a good place to end the Lewis tour, unless, of course, you have the time and energy for one of Jack’s favorite walks.

Carry on along the High Street, passing Logic Lane on your left, and you come to University College. His rooms were on staircase XII, Room 5 of the Radcliffe Quad. In contrast with the quiet Queen’s Lane, this area is one of the busiest places in Oxford. Turn right into Cornmarket Street and walk past all the shops until you come to Broad Street. A late afternoon walk to The Perch (a quaint, thatch-roofed pub on Binsey Lane across the Port Meadow) for a pint and conversation, followed by a stroll along the Isis River to The Trout (the most glorious of pubs) for dinner. If you can’t take the walk from The Perch to The Trout, do go directly to The Trout via taxi or auto.

See their website for information and visit here for their enquiry form. Also you can find the resting place of Kenneth Grahame, author of the classic children’s book, 7.

Could this succession of mean shops really be Oxford?There behind me, far away, never more beautiful since, was the fabled cluster of spires and towers.I had come out of the station on the wrong side and been all this time walking into what was even then the mean and sprawling suburb of Botley.It is built on an ancient Jewish burial-ground as is Magdalen College. As you face the Botanic Garden, turn right and walk back towards the center of Oxford along the High Street (known to many simply as “the High”). Continue along the High until you reach the Eastgate Hotel, which is on the corner of Merton Street. Lewis in a letter to his brother, November 1939: ” On Thursday we had a meeting of the Inklings — you and Coghill both absent unfortunately. I have never in my life seen Dyson so exuberant — “A roaring cataract of nonsense.” 16.Since Tolkien was a Fellow of Merton College and Lewis of Magdalen College, the Eastgate was a convenient place for them to meet. If you wish, you may take a detour down Merton Lane to Merton College. On your left you will come to the most famous Lewis pub, The Eagle and Child (also known as “The Bird and Baby”).

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