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To be considered for invitation, operators must meet Rendez-vous Canada’s selection criteria and express interest to Tourism Nova Scotia’s Peter Johnson, Manager of Market Development, by email or by phone (902-798-6922) by Friday, November 10.Approved operators will be invited to register after November 13. A Rendez-vous to remember RVC 2017 was hosted by Tourism Alberta and Tourism Calgary in May.People can feel blindsided when a friend decides to end things, and unlike marriages or other romantic relationships, the person who was dumped may never know why."So people are caught in these cultural expectations in a way.Close to 1,800 international tourism industry leaders will gather at the Halifax Convention Centre for the conference from May 13-16.

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By hosting, we get to show them in our own, warm, unforgettable Nova Scotia way,” explains Joann Fitzgerald, Tourism Nova Scotia’s Chief Marketing Officer.Dickie said she heard all kinds of reasons why people were there.There was a woman who'd recently come out of a 12-year marriage."So unlike with romantic relationships that come with lots of cultural script and rituals for how to end a relationship …there's really no such equivalent for friendship, and so people tend to struggle with that," she said.

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