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Sugar daddies have prowled South African campuses for years.Sydney IT student paid 0-a-week by his sugar daddy.Open-mindedness is very important for climbing the social ladder, and hitting the jackpot. If they don't care, then why should the gold diggers do.

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Benefits for women: The female / male (in case of a gay relationship) involves paying bills for college education, shopping sprees (designer clothing, shoes, cosmetics, diamond jewelry), utility (rent, mortgage, electricity, gas etc.), car loan repayments, local and international air travel.

University of Manchester, has been named as second fastest growing campus for sugar babies nationwide, according to a report by Confidentials Manchester.

A Nottingham Trent University student was paid 4,000 a month by a sugar daddy.

Students from the University of Birmingham, Aston and Birmingham City University have profiles as 'sugar babies' on the site

Leicestershire Live has discovered that dozens of students from the University of Leicester, Loughborough and De Montfort have profiles as 'sugar babies' on popular apps.

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