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Besides, the dog would post things that make sense. NEC's IT Guy Games: 2005 is underway - so go check it out and play.

The games run April 1 through September 30, 2005 and will be played on the following schedule: people it always rains so they'll leave us alone.

While it can rain quite a bit in the winter months at times, we tend to get long, sunny and relatively dry summers here.

Add to that the fact that a lot of the soil in the area is clay (mine is a reddish clay), and plants have a hard time getting water in the summertime.

It's a soil that's got lots of nutrients, but the plants tend to have difficulty absorbing the nutrients and the clay tends to keep the water from effectively reaching the plants.

These thoughts keep going through my mind and I'm actually a bit surprised.A plant that is set directly in clay is likely to have a hard time without some help at planting time.I've found from my own experience that a little extra work when the hole is dug makes for a Hackaday points to a web site where the authors show step-by step how to build a super-fast lock picker from a used hard drive, a mouse, part of a network card, a power supply and a small screwdriver.I guess I just never had the chance to think them before now. Oh boy, this is definitely procedure is the best option for me. The actual surgical procedure followed to do either the disc replacement or the fusion is pretty much identical.Not to mention the health insurance company part - who knows what they'll have to say. The only real difference is what goes between the vertebrae once they get to where they're headed - some metal cages, some bone, or the artificial disc.

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