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On the other hand, we have people who take advantage of the veneer of ‘criticism’ to spew misogyny and hatred about women.

This includes people in feminist spaces who judge creators for everything from showing too much skin to not being feminist enough.

This often feeds people who are not feminist and decide that since feminists said it was OK, they have carte blanche to trash female creators and to use really hateful language when doing so.

The polarization that surrounds discussions about works of pop culture created by women can sometimes make it really hard to fairly and honestly critique female creators.

I don't know her (and of course, she's still a great talent, you can't take it away from her).

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I’ve seen female creators accused of tainting or ruining the creative teams they work with, and this carries a whiff of some very old ideas about women and their supposed ability to poison and corrupt everything they touch.There’s a fascinating double-edged sword that comes out of the sheath when it comes to talking about women creators.On the one hand, there’s an attitude that we should unreservedly support female artists.especially given the fact that it's so out of character for her (or at least how I remember her).Is this the type of reaction being articulated in this post? To be clear, I don't really feel disappointed in the artist herself, or any resentment toward her, obviously, because, well...

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