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But beyond that, I'd rather not comment on my personal life." "I do not comment on my client's personal life," said Liz Morentin of Hicks' J Records label via e-mail.

People.com, which contacted On for more clarification about a story that ran Wednesday afternoon, quoted an unnamed "friend" of Hicks' as saying, "I don't know about any new girlfriend. Taylor always had girls following him even before he ever became famous. He is a romantic when it comes to women, and he treats them with respect.

Caroline Lyders of Channel 12 is an attractive, talented and accomplished broadcast journalist.

During her 2 ½-year tenure in Milwaukee, she has established herself as a favorite in the On editorial offices.

A runner-up in that year's competition, Chris Daughtry, plays Summerfest's Marcus Amphitheater on Friday, July 6. wish you and taylor could maybe take a picture togater, one that you both agree on, just not nice for others to expose something you didn't exspect!!!“Barry” ( p.m., HBO): In the Season 2 finale, Barry is out for vengeance.Noho Hank faces the looming threat of being sent home.And I suggest next time you see Dawggie face-to-face, you should let her know what you want to say to her face. and speedskater Alyson Dudek visits with Stephen Colbert. And the question remains: Who will sit on the Iron Throne? We have no idea what will go down, but we desire happy endings for all of our favorites who are still breathing.

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