Three weeks dating

They flooded me with encouraging messages, even after having just cancelled a date. Sometimes, I think Thai women only date so they’ll have someone to send messages to.Every day I’d receive tones of instant messages from various ladies.

I targeted attractive women in their twenties, with no kids and living in Bangkok.Later, she said she’d talked to her single friend about me, and the friend was interested in hooking up too. Because, you know, when I’m not threatening to kill people for refusing me sex, I think I’m a pretty decent guy. She’s a Facebook attention queen, with hundreds of pictures of herself made up and posing.She looked hot and was keen to meet, so I caught up with her for a drink.All of them are, to my eyes at least, more physically attractive than most go-go girls.There’s also the added bonus of having a girl who is there because she genuinely likes you. I have a choice of attractive women who will share my bed at no charge on any given night.

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