Transamerican dating

In the eight episode series, eight eligible bachelors (straight, transsexual or pansexual) travel to Los Angeles to compete to be Calpernia's suitor.

Hosted by Alec Mapa, a bachelor is eliminated in seven of the eight episodes.

The contestants of this show are particularly brave, and their diversity alone introduces some fascinating dynamics as well as conflicts regarding social/political/religious ideas.

Calpernia herself, the star of this "Bacheorelette-With-A-Twist" reality series is by far the biggest distraction.

In the end, Shawn, a 33-year-old concert promoter from Ventura, California, wins Calpernia's heart.

) and the desire to constantly put the male contestants in "challenges where they have to lose clothes or wear suggestive costumes while our Trans-Protagonist drools. She behaved more like a gay man who went overboard trying to look like a woman.I actually really enjoyed it and have to say, A Trans American Love Story is very relevant to our culture and necessary to have to continue breaking down stereotypes...Sadly, the power of the show falls on the shoulders of the contestants themselves, in particular, Jim Howley.While participating in the show, the bachelors live together in a mansion until they are eliminated.Calpernia eliminates the potential suitors when she has decided that they are not well suited for each other romantically.

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