Updating account information

Once you have submitted your personal information for verification, you will not be able to manually change these details.In most agency configurations, users can manage and update many settings for their own user accounts.You set the pay status equal to P in the data selection for the system to perform the reset function.Consider running a version of the program with this data selection once a week to reset temporary credit messages.

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For example, the system might indicate that a customer has exceeded the credit limit or that a credit limit was changed.• Verify that the Update Credit Cash Management Table (F03B15) processing option is blank.Procedure In this task, you will update and review customer account information.You may also add a new address and set a specific address as your preferred address.Updating account information (such as: name changes, email address updates, referral links, profile pictures, NMLS IDs, roles, and others) is an internal process that is not managed by Blend.

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