Updating bios frozen

For the same reason, have a good amount of charge in your battery when starting the BIOS update utility (more than 10 minutes worth of it).In that way, you will not depend on the AC supply which might run out just in the critical few seconds.BIOS files are specific to a given type of notebook.

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There’s only small difference in processor (core count) and number of NICs. Some vendors have integrated solutions (like Dell with their Lifecycle Controller), but all lack in some way.

So now we can activate the ‘BIOS Update’ option in the BMC IPMI interface, and the rest is easy.

Upload the BIOS binary image, press some buttons and wait a while: Well, it’s simple.

If none of the changes are relevant (e.g., microcode for a new CPU has been added to the BIOS, but you're using the older CPU), then you should not update.

So, the rule of thumb is: don't fix what ain't broken.

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