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Otherwise, enter the IP address of your remote computer and click Connect on the right side.

If your computer fails to boot, you can use the Mini Tool Shadow Maker Bootable Edition Just create bootable media (using CD/DVD or USB drive) with Media Builder feature on a working PC, then boot the non­-working PC from the disc or drive to get the Bootable Edition.

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②Reinstall Windows 10 without CD or USB: Directly from ISO File Microsoft comes with a media creation tool that can upgrade this PC to Windows 10 by creating an installation media or directly using the ISO file to install Windows 10. Open the downloaded tool, and choose Create installation media for another PC.

Can I reinstall Windows 10 for free without losing data? In the following sections, we will teach you the process of reinstalling Windows 10 both with and without a CD or USB drive. As mentioned in the first part, reinstalling Windows 10 may cause data loss.

Thus it is recommended to back up your important files before starting a reinstallation.

Resetting is a good solution for a PC that isn't working well.

The merit of this solution is that Windows does not require any additional downloads nor installation media to initiate the setup.

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