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SUPER SOUPSVampeye's Tomato-Basil with Shrimp Soup: https://drhyman.com/blog/2016/07/13/tomato-basil-s...

CAULIFLOWER HEAVENhttps://blog.paleohacks.com/cauliflower-recipes/https://paleogrubs.com/cauliflower-recipeshttps://co/paleo-cauliflower-recipes/SALAD DRESSING MAYO IN MINUTEShttps:// THICKENERShttps:// out your charity: https:// excellent rating site that will help you make wise choices when considering a charity) Aug 16, 2018 PM JKL2017 wrote: I forgot to mention this earlier - my urogynecologist (who is younger, fitter & smarter than I am) switched to paleo several years ago.

So it looks like I may be living flat anyways.should have were way too easy and agreeable when I said that was the only option I was willing to do right now other then flat.

Speaking of food I gotta go make some bok choy and mushrooms for supper.

Egads007 wrote: 'Paleo' might be a term you've heard in the dieting world. Keto, Whole30, Mediterranean Diet, Atkins, heck even the vegetarians are welcome if they can deal with the animal based proteins that will be flung around the posts!

The main thrust is eating/exercising the way our Paleolithic hunter/gatherer ancestors did. Heck, we might all learn something from each other through healthy non-confrontational debate.

Btw, I was skimming through the threads and saw that we all owe you a BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Sorry it wasn't a good day, but we can always celebrate in the cave on foodie Friday! As for your surgery, start calling and diplomatically but FIRMLY ask for answers... Junie - thinking of you..the mayo is sorting things out for you!! Aug 16, 2018 PM Jadedjo wrote: Egads007I called ten minutes ago with a to paraphrase "did my paperwork get lost?

Variants include: Keto Diet, Whole30, Mediterranean Diet, Atkins, Low Carb Diet Some choose 50/50%, some choose to eat wheat but no sugar…etc… The more you understand, the better your decisions will be.Common sense must prevail so if you notice any adverse effects stop and investigate.Websites: out overviews & Definitive Guides…helpful with food & everything else you need to know)Guide Links: Easy to read, plenty more info on website link above:https:// PROCESSES - CHOOSING A SAFER METHODhttps:// kindly provided by Cave Chick Two HFISH SAFETY - Check out what you're eating: https://fishchoice.com/Recipe Sources:https:// CHICK RECIPESJunie Bee's Broccoli Chicken Casserole: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OQ2h LIKQL7y Eu J...Keep us posted Aug 16, 2018 PM Jadedjo wrote: I posted this in the surgery post: So apparently there is a disconnect between me and a couple of the health professionals, and it's possible I won't be getting implants after all.I was talking pre pec dti and they thought I was talking about under the muscle dti which is apparently a thing here ? I will find out next week as I got a callback and an appt with the ps then.

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