Updating iphone gps

Users report getting messages that show "No GPS, Showing approximate location." The problem appears worse when trying to use Waze or Google Maps.

And since this one caused by i OS upgrade, you can't use the basic "upgrade your operating system to fix the problem" solution.

As per the official announcement posted on a dedicated Apple Support page, the updated software debuts as i OS 10.3.4 on the i Phone 5 and fourth-generation i Pad.

The i Phone 4s, first-generation i Pad mini, i Pad 2, and third-generation i Pad, on the other hand, get the update as i OS 9.3.6.

Updating your network settings might also refresh the data for your GPS. This reset doesn't erase any data but does clear your stored Wi Fi passwords, current cellular and Wi-Fi network settings, including saved networks and VPN settings.

Companies such as Garmin and Tom Tom already released patches for their respective devices to fix the problem that works similar to the Millennium/ Y2K bug.

But first, let's look at some problems and possible causes of the problems.

The most common GPS Problems for i Devices include If the one that you experience is related to the hardware, there's nothing that you can do except to bring your i Phone to Apple Service Centre for a hardware replacement.

Only after a complete charge should you once again try the GPS features.

This process only worked for some time, but for most people, the problems returned.

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