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The Subject Explorer window opens: Enter search options at the top to explore LC, LCAC, Sears, and Genre terms.

Click the arrow next to a term to see Broader, Narrower, and Related terms. Click Ok to add the selected subject headings to the record.

Are you an experienced MARC Magician user just getting started with Best MARC?

The options on the left change based on the type of global edit you've selected.You also have the ability to see a side-by-side comparison of exactly what changed at the record level.Right-click a record and choose Compare to see the changes between the original record and what was changed upon import. When complete, a file of your MARC records (and optional label and card files) is created and listed on your Downloads tab.Or you can import your records exactly as they are, then apply changes later.If you run a Workflow upon import, you will receive a report listing the numbers of changes made, similar to MARC Magician.

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