Updating moodle dating activities for discussion

This will make your website live/accessible to all your users.This is all you need to do, to get a fresh new Moodle experience. Before you begin upgrading your site, you should put it into maintenance mode to stop any non-admin users from logging in.Then you should wait for any currently running cron processes to complete before proceeding.You can fetch the current version of the software through wget forget to make moodle/(and the rest of the source code) readable by your www server.For maximum security the files should not be writeable by your server.

To do this just go to Administration Notifications.

Finally, disable maintenance mode and check your website.

If everything is fine, you can delete OLDSITE folder.

However, for a simple upgrade, there should be no need to change anything with cron.

You can use Git for updating or upgrading your Moodle. On Linux servers, Moodle 3.7 supports running the upgrade from the command line, rather than through a web browser.

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