Updating old furniture

Another trick of the eye that gives the illusion of open space, is mirrors.

Mirrors when placed opposite windows reflect light into the room and make the room seem more open.

We all crave the creature comforts of a cozy, well-designed home.

While there are a lot of do-it-yourselfer’s out there who work tirelessly on their homes and seem to be updating or renovating on a constant basis— this is not possible for those of us who don’t know the difference between a table saw and a drill.

You can find it all in one spot and without paying more than you have to!

Looking for practical advice on how to restore old wooden furniture? Neglected wooden furniture often suffers from a build-up of dirt and grime, with the diminished colour and lustre resulting in a dull appearance.

Nothing dates your kitchen and bathrooms more than old-fashioned, worn and dirty handle pulls and knobs.

There is no excuse not to update all your cabinet and door handles when it is really so simple to do, and there are so many ways to update your cabinetry.

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The biggest question I get, aside from what color is that, is – where did you get those legs?! This squat, old 1970s dresser would never have transformed into this stately buffet without them.

Sometimes it’s as simple as getting rid of bigger, bulkier furnishings, or moving furnishings around the room to see what placement gives the most open space.

If you are attached to the huge armoire, cabinet or other bulky furnishing that is taking up a lot of space, then consider painting it a warm off-white color— this will help it “disappear” into the room, tricking the eye to think the space is more airy and open.

According to a Bankrate Study, open floor plans are on the top of the list when it comes to home buying and home ownership.

Homeowners want an open floor plan where the kitchen, family room and dining room share one vast open space.

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