Updating sarge to etch

Also, fans might not work after the system is suspended.The kernel therefore disables ACPI support internally when it detects certain ACPI BIOS versions.a USB-MAC or Sun keyboard), you will very likely end up with a non-working keyboard after rebooting with the new 2.6 kernel.

updating sarge to etch-38updating sarge to etch-71

Users who require ACPI support on these systems may install a Linux 2.6.19 or later kernel.Upgrading to a 2.6 kernel from an earlier version is therefore not a process to be undertaken lightly.This section aims to make you aware of some of the issues you may face.Please see Debian bug ) will ensure that the network interface is enabled once it becomes available, there is no guarantee that this will finish before the boot sequence begins to start network services, some of which may not behave correctly in the absence of the network interface.Mounting vfat, ntfs or iso9660 file systems with files that include non-ASCII characters in their filenames will give failures when one tries to use the filenames unless mounting is done with the utf8 option.

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