Updating voter registration

After you finish, mail the completed form to your County Recorder’s office and your information will be updated.If you have an Arizona driver license or non-operating identification card issued after October 1, 1996, you will need only to provide the license number on box 9 of the voter registration form.If you are having trouble logging in to the Service Arizona website, you can print off a Voter Registration Form (PDF) and fill it out with your new information.After you finish, mail the completed form to your County Recorder’s office and your information will be processed.The voter will be required to vote either at their new polling location or at a central location designated by the county election commission office.If you move to a different county, it is not considered an update.If the voter has not updated their address and the voting period has begun, we encourage the voter to vote during the early voting period.

Once properly registered to vote in Tennessee, a person remains permanently registered unless the election commission has a statutory reason to remove the voter's name. If you do not have an Arizona license you may include a photocopy of one of the following documents: An early ballot may be requested from your County Recorder’s office.To have your name placed on the Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL), complete a new voter registration form and check the box marked “YES, I want to automatically receive an early ballot for each election for which I am eligible.” Or you can log in to Service Arizona and complete this request online.The voter may go to any early voting location within their county to update their address and vote.If the voter elects to wait to the day of the election to update this information and the voter’s permanent voter registration record differs from the voter’s current address, the voter must complete an affidavit before being allowed to vote.

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