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To begin the validation process, please enter your Merchant Identification Number (MID) beginning with 5101, 4343, 4139 or 5436 which can be found on your Merchant processing statement.

The Internal Revenue Service issues employers a Tax ID for their business. Employer ID Numbers (EIN/Tax ID) are located on the tax return forms you file every year.

Payoneer validates the information entered in the tax forms against IRS database before the tax form is allowed to be submitted.

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Stripe also automatically validates all Australian Business Numbers (ABNs) with the Australian Business Register (ABR).

A customer’s tax IDs are displayed in the header of invoice and credit note PDFs.

Currently, Stripe Billing supports the following Tax ID types in the following regions: You are responsible for ensuring customer information, including their tax identification number, is accurate.

When automatic validation is not available, we strongly recommend that you manually verify these IDs.

Navigate to the Customer page, clicking the Update details button in the top of the Details panel.

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