Validating xml against xsd c

I would suggest you try running the SAX2Print sample application in the debugger and see what that code does.

hey chua I am using C# and I am using the Validation Event Handler, it works fine but this is what error it returns "The 'ID' attribute has an invalid value according to its data type. "Shailendra Batham" wrote: hi guys I need your suggestions / opinion for doing this the right way. if the Attribute is missing or invalid in the following element then it should say ID attribute invalid for "Watch" Element.An error occurred at , (2, 9)." string can we do custom errors like what node's attribute had an error. Schema Validation Event Handler Validation Event Args Xml Text Reader xmlreader = new Xml Text Reader("test.xml"); Xml Validating Reader valid = new Xml Validating Reader(xmlreader); valid. I have a XML and a Schema for the same What I want is when its validated against the schema, it should give custom errors saying what happened and where...... Right now the validation works but the error returning our very vague, I need a way where I can customize the error or at least let the user know where the error is at what element and which attribute."Chua Wen Ching" Hi Shailendra, If you are coding in . But when I use the code shown in this snippet I get the exception at the bottom of this post. Ignore Schema); Xml Validating Reader vr = new Xml Validating Reader(my Input DS.

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