Verbal and nonverbal cues that convey interest in dating

Mehrabian found that nonverbal communication is used to communicate attitudes, emotions, and preferences, especially the following four: pleasure/displeasure; arousal/nonarousal; dominance/submissiveness; and liking/nonliking.Each of these emotions is associated with a cluster of nonverbal actions that is communicated in one of seven different codes.

If your significant other tells you he is fine with you going away for the weekend, but his voice is shaky and he is frowning, you might want to probe a bit further because these things tell you that there is something else going on with his feelings about your trip.

Nonverbal communication is not just something we do to show how we are feeling, but we also depend on our interpretations of it when we interact with each other.

Nonverbal communication includes body language, tone of voice and facial expressions, all of which can be misinterpreted.

If you cross your arms while talking to your boss, you might just be cold -- but your boss might see that as a sign that you disagree with him.

If you speak to your lover in a sarcastic tone, he might become defensive -- even if the actual words spoken were not accusatory.

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