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Dumain suggests that she project herself back into the past to save Christy.Piper and Leo arrive at her father Victor's (James Read) apartment and Piper breaks the news of Phoebe and Paige's deaths.

Dumain tells her to go back in time and ask Christy, so she will understand."Forever Charmed" is the last episode of the American supernatural-drama television series Charmed, and the 178th overall.It is the second part of the double-episode series finale of the show's eighth season.It was watched by 4.5 million American viewers, becoming the highest-rated episode of the season.After the cataclysmic battle between The Charmed Ones and the Jenkins sisters that demolished the manor and killed Phoebe (Alyssa Milano), Paige (Rose Mc Gowan) and Christy (Marnette Patterson) in the previous episode "Kill Billie Vol.

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