Webalizer stats not updating cpanel validating a form in dreamweaver

and you are able to password protect the directory too cd /home/user/www mkdir stats cd stats ln -s ../../tmp/webalizer webalizer cd ../ chown -R user:user stats cd ../ chmod -R 0775 tmp Thanks heaps, but I dont know how to Symlink Also what about addon domains? I tried to make an addon domain work by this: "cd public_html" and then "cd addondomainname" to get into that directory then everything else the same but it just gives me the main sites stats again (As the addon domains and subdomains are all under the main site) instead of the proper website stats.ideas? Our hosting infrastructure is designed from the ground-up to give your web applications the speed, performance and security they need to thrive in the 21st century.Right from the day this platform was conceived, our goal was to offer web hosting with a difference.

Then, you will hit the esc key, and then type ":wq" (colon w q). Host your website on the best website hosting service built on & for the cloud with the latest web hosting control panels and backed by a 24 hrs customer-friendly hosting support.Get access to high-performance servers with zero slowdowns or downtimes.This is useful for servers that tend to have higher load during the day.To enforce this restriction, edit /etc/and set: If the message says otherwise, and your stats are not up to date, you may need to make changes to how you are running your statistics.

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