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, dated from the same time as mammoth bones found with it because both had accumulated the same proportions of fluorine. None of them is as accurate as the absolute-dating methods, however, because the assumptions on which many relative-dating techniques are based can be misleading.

Nevertheless, sometimes relative dating is the only method available to the archaeologist.

– Carbon-14 Production Radiocarbon dating cannot be used to make accurate age measurements of very old materials materials more than about 70, 000 to 100, 000 years old.

For such objects, archaeologists can use similar techniques involving other chemical elements.

After death, this carbon-14 changes, or decays, into a more stable form of carbon.

If archaeologists know how certain types of artifacts styles of pottery or burial objects, for example evolved over time, they may be able to arrange groups of these artifacts in chronological order simply by comparing them. Archaeologists can judge the relative dates of bones by analyzing their fluorine content, since the amount of fluorine in buried bones increases over time. Montroville Dickson proved that a human pelvis found in Natchez, Miss.

: Chronological Analysis Chronological analysis of archaeological materials identifying their time periods and sequence in time is often done first.

Archaeologists use two general kinds of dating methods: relative dating, or establishing when the various materials found at a site were made or used in relation to each other, and absolute dating, or assigning a fairly precise, chronometric date to a find.

By following this assumption, archaeologists can place the materials collected from the various strata into a rough chronological sequence.

If archaeologists digging in an undated site find a distinctive type of pottery for which the date is known, they may conclude that the other materials found in the site along with the pottery bear the same date as the pottery.

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