Who is chen qiao en dating

Two people had killed and did not recognize, but separated by six months, Wallace Huo finally admitted in an interview with Joe Chen had a love.Just because Joe Chen wants too much, and he just business, so the two people's feelings also come to an end.The same year, Joe made her debut in musical theater, starring as the female lead in The Woman on the Breadfruit Tree, based on Amy Cheung's novel of the same name.= joe chen qiao en and boyfriend Michael = answer to that it is about Joe and Stella and Stella is going on a date with Van dike and then Joe comes with Nacy and Stella is really mad and then Stella and Joe kiss then they are boyfriend and girlfriend.She was nominated at the 43rd Golden Bell Awards for her role in Fated to Love You.In 2013, Chen's popularity rose in China, where she gained a large number of fans for her role as Dongfang Bubai in the Chinese wuxia series Swordsman.Joe rose to mainstream popularity in China after starring in the Chinese wuxia drama Swordsman, adapted from Louis Cha's novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer. Though there were initial doubts to her characters (as Dongfang Bubai is a male in the original novel), Joe later won the hearts of the audience through her complex and rich portrayal of her character.

Joe Chen and Wallace Huo because cooperation "daughter 100%" which sparks, Joe Chen is Wallace Huo since his debut only publicly acknowledged girlfriend, but later the two later regret breaking up.

It is reported that Joe Chen, born in Taiwan in April 4, 1979, the 37 year old Joe Chen's age is also Laotaibuxiao, Joe Chen love has been users attention.

Many netizens think Joe Chen debut ten years of career is booming, but love can not so smooth. Busy career Joe Chen first has the potential to really have no time to fall in love, second may have been really did not meet their favorite man.

Joe Chen and Louis Koo's love was widely valued at the time.

Louis Koo introduced by friends and Joe Chen acquaintance, after two people secret love for one year.

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