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It's embarrassing." Embarrassing, or super relatable? Sosie Bacon is a rising star on the big and small screen, but acting isn't her only talent.She's also an accomplished singer, and she's comfortable enough with the idea of live performing that she's been known to appear on stage alongside her father.Directed by her father and starring her mother, it's the story of the consequences of a childhood of neglect, and how that shapes someone even into adulthood.Sedgwick played the main character, and Sosie played her as a 10-year-old girl.According to , Sosie's casting came out of a bit of necessity, and both her parents weren't necessarily thrilled with the idea, and hoped that it would convince her that acting wasn't for her."Actually, putting her in the movie was the best antidote for any interest she had in becoming an actress because she was absolutely exhausted," Sedgwick told them. She's got a very small part, playing me as a little girl.Along with backing members Paul Guzzone, Joe Mennonna, Ira Siegel, and Frank Vilardi, the band has been around for decades, released seven albums, and performed in venues across the country.Whether or not Sosie decides to follow that particular part of the family tradition remains to be seen, but regardless, she still has the respect of her proud father.

they all just think it's hilarious that I'm going to be standing up there in a gown, handing awards to people.The year 2017 is turning into an even bigger year for her, with her appearances in series like .That's allowed him to experience both sides of Hollywood, and when he was asked about whether or not he would want his children to follow in his footsteps, he said that his daughter had only recently decided that she wanted to act…And, just like her acting career, music is also something of a family affair.The band that she's been seen performing with is The Bacon Brothers, featuring her father and her uncle, the elder Michael Bacon.

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