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Conrad, called Connie since childhood, was born on Christmas Day 1887, in a primitive adobe dwelling in what would become Texas but was then barren New Mexico territory.

He grew up into a broad-shouldered 6ft 2in extrovert, sporting a moustache, Stetson and cowboy boots.

It was a success, so he next bought a run-down hotel in a nearby town, cut the front desk in half, installed a newsstand that sold tobacco, cultivated a sense of pride among his staff and increased their wages.

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He worked hard, played hard and, going on 40, was still a bachelor.

Last month she accidentally exposed the contents of her designer handbag at a Milan fashion show, revealing a plastic bag containing what looked suspiciously like cannabis.

When charged with drink-driving in Los Angeles a month earlier, she admitted that 'maybe I was speeding a bit'.

These are typical moments in the life of 25-year-old Paris.

Yet, far from being an embarrassment, I have discovered that Paris is actually maintaining the family traditions.

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