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Call it a Wo Smack to the face, but unless there’s a Batmobile about to take them to Makeout Bluff overlooking the downtown lights of Gotham City, this date was forgettable. and her blog, High Kicks & High Hopes, is quite popular with the teen girls. People who do not say 'please and thank you' -- it's so easy! Now, she’s turned her story—about making it as a professional dancer and her relationships through the years—into a book, : Why did you decide to write a book?Keltie Colleen: I expected being a professional dancer to be one thing, but it turned out to be totally different.She and Brad rode burros through a field and ended up near a bat cave. OK, they’re probably horses, but I like saying burros out loud. Of course Michelle had to do something scary, so she showed up at Brad’s house. Their stories are told in hushed tones to rapt audiences, over and over again, myths of epic proportions.

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In this slim volume rests the story of 6 brave companions, the costume ball that brought them together, and the tragedy which sent them into action for the good of all dog-kind.

People say follow your dreams, never give up, but they don’t talk about the things that are going to make you want to give up.

After my cover came out, I was devastated because Ryan and I had broken up.

Here's our interview with the queen of multitasking and below that, a ton of pictures. Then the next day i saw the knock-offs in Steve Madden for 75! Who's the most famous person you've met (famous in your opinion)? And by "meet" i mean, i stood on a chair and yelled how much i loved him and he gave me a peace sign back :)What do you collect?

How do you answer the question: "So, what do you do? Dancer-choreographer- clothing line designer- blogger -author - and really good hug giver!

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