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Over the course of the show, Natalie becomes an extremely devoted friend, as well as a devoted assistant. There have been occasions where Natalie is the only person to support Monk's ideas (such as in "Mr.On several occasions, Natalie says explicitly that she loves him, although she most likely means it in a platonic sense. Monk and the Other Detective," when Monk suspects loser-private eye Marty Eels of cheating), and she hence proves a valuable ally in helping him gather the evidence needed to make an arrest.Natalie Jane Teeger (née Davenport) is a fictional character on the American crime drama/comedy Monk.She becomes Adrian Monk's personal assistant midway through season three and is portrayed by Traylor Howard.At the same time, Natalie helps Monk investigate a series of violent knifings occurring in the general vicinity of her neighborhood.Natalie's past is filled with instances of youthful devilry, in a seeming deviation from her strict posh upbringing.This seems to spark a reconciliation between Natalie and the rest of her family, as she and Monk are seen later having lunch with Natalie's parents during their next on-screen appearance, in the season five episode "Mr. Mitch was a Navy fighter pilot who was killed in Kosovo in 1998 ("Mr. They have a daughter named Julie, a teenager (she is 11 when she is introduced in "Mr. Julie has been taught to believe that her father died heroically, though in reality, the details of his death are very murky and unclear, and he may have been trying to desert when he was killed, as Natalie mentions in the season three episode "Mr. Henry," which Natalie has secretly replaced each year (as that is the lifespan of the fish, a crimson marble) so that Julie does not realize that the original fish died.

The first man pretends to be a water meter inspector, but she catches him snooping in the living room.

The second guy, Brian Lemmon, breaks in through a side window.

Natalie happens to walk in on him and unintentionally kills him in self-defense with a pair of scissors.

Initially, she refuses, but over the course of the investigation, Monk proves himself kind to Natalie's daughter Julie, which makes Natalie change her mind and accept the position (not to mention, an opportunity to get out of her current job as a bartender, which she admits to hating).

However, the transition from Sharona to Natalie is not a very smooth transition, as Monk and Natalie's chemistry is shown to be uneasy until at least the end of the episode "Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants, Natalie mentions that for a while, Monk, Stottlemeyer and Disher frequently compared her to Sharona, but finally accepted her for who she was.

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