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On February 20, 2017, Kelley was again arrested for trying to flee from the law.Kelley's luck eventually ran out in 2018, when she was sentenced to eight years at West Tennessee State Penitentiary.Could Kelley and her friend have simply been buying the pseudo-ephedrine (sold in small doses for the treatment of blocked sinuses) for medicinal use?The arresting officers were able to rule this out after they put both of their names into a national database and discovered that they had made "a pattern of psuedo-ephedrine purchases consistent with cooking meth," the reported.In 2007, he was convicted of attempted aggravated sexual battery against a minor."He was out of the house within the hour," Judd told CNN in 2010. I had a moment where I let it all fly, and then it was done." She filed for divorce just five days later, though the pain Roach caused would last a lot longer than that.After Ciminella walked out, Naomi married gospel singer Larry Strickland, but things didn't get much better for the kids upon his arrival.

The Judds have reunited for tours now and again over the years, but Wynonna's relationship with her mother has never been straightforward.The troubled young woman was picked up by authorities in Decatur, Alabama, and her probation was immediately revoked.Her case was reportedly transferred to drug court, but once again she flouted the restrictions put on her.They might have gotten away with what they were doing had it not been for the actions of a concerned citizen.As the pair were being questioned, a vigilant passer-by informed police that a bag had been tossed from the passenger-side window.

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