Widow dating again

, car crash survivor and widow Carolina sought out the transformation series after using food as a way to cope with grief.

In a sit down with Khloe Kardashian, Carolina revealed she lost husband and high school sweetheart Andres in a fiery car wreck."We were on an amazing trip in D. and when we got back to LAX, my parents were picking us up," the new participant recalled. And I'm immediately on fire."Although Carolina was able to rescue her parents from the blaze, Andres' life was unfortunately cut short.

We speak about "dead marriages" (there is even an internet site entitled "Married but not dead"), "cold husbands," and "frigid wives." Since love is perceived to be the essence of life, the end of love can cause some people to wish to end life as well: to sacrifice their life or to kill others for love.

The book explores how men kill their wives and commit suicide when their wives intend to leave them.

While the celebrity trainer assured her new client that there was "new love and new opportunities" on the horizon, she noted it would come about through hard work.

By following Latreal's wellness plan, Carolina saw results "little by little."However, Carolina's training was taken to the next level when Latreal took her out for a girls' night.

In the romantic ideology, profound love should last forever.The lover is perceived to be "the sunshine of my life," and for many, without such sunshine, decay and death are all around.Even in one of the darkest periods of history, the Holocaust, people fell in love, despite the risks of expressing it.This was clearly an eye-opening experience as Carolina went on to donate Andres' belongings."After going out dancing, I realized that I'm excited for it.I'm hopeful for dating," Carolina admitted to the camera.

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