Windows update not updating

When we checked if the Windows Update Service was running, we found that it was running. In this situation, you can solve the problem by deleting all the currently downloaded updates and retrying.Sometimes an update gets corrupted and then Windows gets confused and thinks the service is no longer running.I have verified that the machines are in the correct groups in AD and in WSUS.I have verified in the registry on the affected machines that they are pointing to the WSUS server and it can be pinged. There is no firewall or port blocker or anything like that.Next, press Enter and the Windows Services dialog will appear.

It is definitely a WSUS server problem; if I go into the registry and change it back to Microsofts server it finds updates. Tried installing a 2nd 2016 WSUS server, same problem, only with the 2016 servers. I put a 2016 test server all by itself in an OU with blocked inheritance.

As much as I don't want to, I am going to have to call Microsoft...

Ok, after spending 3 weeks with Microsoft's technical support department we have solved the problem.

Once you have deleted everything, go back to the Services dialog and right-click on the Windows Update service and choose Start.

All the files and folders will be re-created and hopefully you can start downloading updates for your PC.

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