Wow hangs on updating setup files

In my case, I was not even able to uninstall Visual Studio. This means that all you need to do is to actually wait 8 to 9 hours.Don't terminate the secondary installer at risk of breaking your Visual Studio; just wait.Then just kill that process and the master installation will resume. When I ran Visual Studio it was fine, although I'm guessing I'll have to do some digging on the Android components install problem.In my case, the name of the sub-installer was Secondary and according to the installation log it happened while it was trying to install some Android SDK components for the cross platform development modules. Same thing happened to me, and I also tried to terminate secondary process from task manager. It is not a solution, but rather a hack which may cause issues later. I restored my Windows 7 to earliest restore point as possible, when there was nothing installed, so I was sure that there would be no conflicts between the different tools (Java, Android API, etc.) I started the installation of Visual Studio 2015 Community Release Candidate at 10 p.m. A hour later, it was finally preparing Visual Studio.This seems like a rather long-winded way to check what's happening but does give an indication that the installer hasn't hung and is doing something, albeit very slowly.

There was frequent activity from Superfetch, Anti-malware protection, and other background processes, but the progress bar was dead still.It got stuck during Android SDK Setup (API Level 19 & 21, System Images). When installation finished, it said that some components were not installed and it will try to download and install them later.Alright so after hours of googling and failed attempts at solving this including many of the suggestions above, I found a solution I tried on a whim and worked for me.Open the file and got to the end of it (Ctrl End), this should indicate the progress of the current file that is being downloaded.i.e: "" Unfortunately, the installer doesn't indicate this progress (it's running in a separate "Java.exe" process, used by the Android SDK).

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