Youth leader dating student waiting

But, instead of focusing on training and unleashing Christian teenagers (who are searching for a cause) to reach non-Christian teenagers (who are more open to the Gospel), we spend the vast majority of our money on buildings, budgets and Bible studies to minister to adults. It’s time we drop our lame excuses and reach this nation for Jesus Christ.

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He said the people were also being inundated by announcements from the government that, whether intentional or not, “unnecessarily incite polemics” and “give space for those riding on racial and religious sentiments to jump the bandwagon”.

Ultimately, he said, the people would see who was willing to make their lives better, who can increase their disposable incomes, and who would give them more work opportunities and educational scholarships. Stop with the flying car project and other issues that only increase negative perceptions about the government.

We need Him to soften harden hearts and open closed doors. The vast majority of those who come to Christ do so by the age of 18.

So why aren’t more churches inspiring, equipping and unleashing their young people to engage evangelistically with their peers?

When church services spend more time in announcements than intercessory prayer, then you know something is broken.

Let us embrace every sarcastic response to our evangelistic efforts as a hug from Jesus Himself. It’s hard to share a message you can’t explain clearly yourself. If the spiritual teachers in the church aren’t sharing their faith personally, then why would we be shocked if their students are failing at Evangelism 101.

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PETALING JAYA: A PKR Youth leader agrees with PPBM’s Rais Hussin that the people are upset with the Pakatan Harapan government, adding that the coalition should not go into a “denial syndrome” about this reality.

Napoleon had three instructions for his wartime messengers: “1. As Jesus said in Matthew , “No student is above his teacher.” 6. For years I relegated intercessory prayer to little old ladies and crazy people. Because the intercessors I knew were older than 80 years old or seemed like they needed Ritalin.

But God slapped my hand and shut my mouth when he brought me to my knees four years ago. At first it was for financial provision for our ministry, which had been hit hard by a loss of major donors after the stock market crashed.

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